Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Feeling raw from the emotions.

Every day we are being lead to more and more people in desperate situations.  I know all to well  feeling raw from emotions after a day of delivering aid .. you get home at night and just want to cry after holding it together all day .... our friends and workers are doing this every day, and we don't see an end in sight .. Just in our immediate area, so far this fall there are 74 new children brought to the orphanages.  The fall out from covid sickness and the economic situation is crushing .   
  We are encouraged that we are finding families who despite the hard times are not giving up and are doing their best to hold their families together and provide a caring home.  With just a little help , sometimes food , some times coal , or clothes and vitamins , we can help them through this season . 

All hands on deck ....Tanya's grandmother busy preparing portion bags to go into the food hampers ..

These are the faces of those that our friends visited today ..  with your on going support we will be able to continue to meet the needs as they arise ..  please take a moment and look through the Christmas wish book  

  and see if there are any areas that you would feel led to help  .. 

Vladislav Khan sent Today at 8:35 AM

I have included a little information on some of the situations that correspond with the photos .. ( I have mixed the order up on purpose )

3 children. Husband lost a job, -Single mother. 5 children, -Father left the family. Mother died. 7 children. The eldest is 18 years old, -Father left. Mother went abroad and lost, - Single mother. 4 children, -Single mother and she is disabled. One child, -Single mother. 3 children, -Single grandmother. She looks after her 3 grandchildren, - Grandparents look after grandchildren., -Husband lost a job, Husband lost a job, -Family has 5 children. Husband lost a job because the border closed. He was working in KZ, -3 children. 1 is disabled. Husband doesn't have a stable work, -Grandmother looks after 4 grandchildren alone, -Single mother. 4 children. Father died, -4 children. Father does not have a stable work. They rent house, - Father is disabled

This is what Vlad was up to today , but it was possible because people like you donated .. thank you.

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