Thursday, November 05, 2020

Busy day

I Know its been a busy day when wake up and find my 
mail full of pictures and updates and thank you notes from people.  Thank you for food.. Thank you for coal , thank you for building material.  Thank you for vitamins and thank you for medication ..So much to be thankful for .    

On the farm today Vlad and the boys were busy stringing up the cucumbers .  they are doing well .  

Over at Auxana's  house , Sergey was busy helping with the new roof and windows in the addition that she is building .  Its great that she will be able to get it all closed in before winter hits

 In Bishkek , Kamala met up with another family in need to bring them food and diapers and help to get them connected with another agency who will be able to help them with their disabled daughter . 

Please remember that this Sunday is Orphan Sunday, and we will be collecting a special donation to join a group in Bishkek as they bless an orphanage in Karakul.   

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