Monday, November 23, 2020

Cold winter nights .

It was a hard night .. the cold has hit hard and fast in Kyrgyzstan and we have felt its sting.  Establishing a routine is always something difficult for our boys, and last night we learned a hard lesson.  Temperatures got two low and the Tomatoes in the green house got froze off.   I did not ask to many questions because that is not going to change the facts.  Those facts are that someone did not do their job and keep the fire going in the green house .  Lesson hopefully learned .  Its times like this that I remind myself and Vlad that the farm is not about raising animals or tending to crops, it is a place to keep orphans safe as they learn and grow and learn valuable life skills .    I shared yesterday  that as good things are happening, I am not always on top of things and know them by name, but I trust in God.  Today the same lesson is there for us that we need to trust in God and carry on.  We will not pull them just yet, but we will plant Lettice and spinach under them since they are a hearty crop and will be our back up if this happens again.    Someone that will not freeze and will keep her fire going is this lady ... she is one of several that just got this load of coal under the tin.  

 We have just about run out of vitamins, and winter is just starting and covid is on the upswing.  Food prices have started going through the roof and the value of the currency is becoming worse every day.  We have just ordered $1000 USD worth of good quality Vitamins that we will be able to start distributing this week.   As well I have just sent money for a big food drop for the blind society and others we help in the city .  

Its because of the on going suport of so many of you that as things are getting increasingly more difficult, we have been able to continue reaching out to those in need .. so once again ... Thank you.   

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Murray said...

Very sorry for your loss.
Here is an fascinating story about an old timer from Nebraska who has been heating greenhouses using geothermal (heat derived from the earth) which also provides cooling in the summer. Growing tropical fruits even. Much of the cost of tropical fruit are the transportation costs ... so if you eliminate much of the transportation costs and can heat and cool very affordably ... can be very profitable. He has even been setting up greenhouses on neighbour's properties.