Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Press in !

I did a quick google search for stop for the one in front of you , and what came up was all kinds of information about safe distance to keep between you and the cars you are following , and information about keeping  back for safety ... Not exactly what I mean , in fact it is quite the opposite  .. some times to stop for the one in front of us we need to PRESS IN 
Our friends have been making the rounds with food and coal etc.  Vera is the director of a boarding school for children with learning disabilities .  This is a little dear to my heart, 1.  because Vera is dear to our heart and everything she does she does with excellence and 2. because having a learning disability myself I know how challenging things can be .  Any ways , Vera has made a point of connecting regularly with her kids that have been home because of covid.  Many are in a difficult situation but time to time a family just seems to jump out in front of you, and you can't explain it but you just know that there is a bigger purpose for your interaction, and you are to do more .. My friend David would say "Stop for the one in front of you"  Today is one such day when we need to stop.  

Vera has a Family with a couple kids in her school .  They are living right now with friends in Bishkek temporarily , but they have to leave soon and had no place to go. They also don't have proper documents so until they get that issue fixed they can not get proper work, or even their own home.  Even to get a cell phone, to pay your utilities etc  you need documents .   The other need is that the only phone they have access to is an old phone with no screen , and they need something so that the kids can get on line for school.  
Vera has done a lot of planning and made many phone calls over night , and here is what she has come up with .  She has been able to find them a home to live in close to the school and close to Vera so she can help them out.  We have agreed to supply them coal to heat the home this winter, and we will be able to bring some groceries to get them started .  Vera has also found truck and driver that will be able to move them .. What's left ?  We will need to get started right away at getting their documents in order .. this could end up $150 to $200 by the time we gather all the supporting documents needed .  And another $150 to $200 to get the kids on line for school .  I am sure that there will be many other incidentals like bedding and things that are needed, so we are hoping to find sponsorship totaling $500 right away and also $50 a month over the winter that Vera could use to help them were needed . Again I can't tell you why this family and what the lasting impact will be, but I can tell you that we have never gone wrong when we "Stop for the One put in front of us".    

Coal deliveries have continued daily.  There is a bit of trouble at the coal yard right now and they are shut down this week because they are finding a new director.. The first cold snap is a bad time for people that are in need .  We have a big delivery coming as soon as it opens up again, and we have coal in our barn for back up so we will be ok for a while however we are anticipating a lot of small deliveries of a bag or two here and there to help cover people until coal is available again.  
I got a message from Victor at 3:00 this morning ..... he does not exactly understand the time change ..hahaha. and I leave my phone on so I can be reached in an emergency .. Julie says turn your ringer off so you can sleep, but If my ringer is off I can't sleep and wake up and check the phone all night.   But it was not a problem he was having, he was just so excited to show me the new winter clothes that Vlad helped him get.    He has grown so much .  He says that he will have lots of clothes he has grown out of for us to bring to the orphanage or to families in need.  But he just wanted to send a BIG THANKYOU to everyone 


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