Saturday, November 14, 2020

Christmas can't get here soon enough

 Introducing baby Daria.  She is Sasha's baby .. mother and baby are doing great .   

A couple of days ago I posted the actofkindness Christmas wish Book . Full of lots of good ideas for on line shopping for that special someone that really does not need anything , or for someone that would appreciate knowing that they have made a lasting impact in the world.  I thought I would highlight some of them as they are part of our on going Aid today .. 

As a side note, Today is my birthday , so if anyone is wondering what I would like for my birthday .. how about a small donation to one of these wish book items that simply could not wait because Christmas does not come soon enough . 


..They are more then just a dietary supplement .. now more then ever they are a life saving immune booster .  Just today Vlad was giving out Vitamins to families and individuals who are struggling. Our inventory is getting low and the need is high .  We have stepped out and are placing an order for $1000 worth of;  multi, prenatal, children's, D, and C. We should have them in about a week ... hoping that we have some donations in by then .  A good quality bottle of Vitamins averages $20


Here is a photo from some coal deliveries made today.

The first snow has arrived and it will be getting mighty cold in a hury .  What a relief it was for this family when Vlad and the boys showed up with enough to keep them warm for a couple months .. this family received 10 bags today , the cost of a bag of coal is $5

While we are talking about heating, If you remember , the boiler system and chimney at one of the orphanages had collapse in the spring and we raised funds to fix and replace .  Well just in time for the winter, we have finally been able to get the new boiler system .   Its nice to know that the kids in this treatment center will be warm this winter .   

Under the $10 and $15 section we have supplies to help with the homeless.  One of the shelters is one that Jengish has had a connection with for over 15 years.  A big supporter for them has always been foreigner traveling or coming to Bishkek to visit .  With Covid, this has been a huge hit, and now that winter has slid down the mountain .. with out some immediate intervention they are in trouble .  Today we sent our friends out to begin shopping and looking for items that they need .   Here are a few photos from todays shopping .. one full car load of supplies came to just over $400.   But the relief that it brought to the workers was priceless.  We told them that we wanted to get help to them right away, and that as donations came in , we would be back with more. 

shopping done and the car loaded 

The first delivery to the shelter ... the shelter workers were so happy and relieved 

Many of the homeless are those orphans that never got the help they needed when they left the orphanage .. but its not too late for us to go back and help them now. 

I have been getting lots of wonderful Birthday wished today .. Like this one that just cam in from some of the kids on the farm .

"Hello John, hope you are doing good! There are some birthday wishes from boys 🎂🎂🎂 Mirlan says, happy birthday John!!! I wish you a strong health and all the God blessings. Nurik says, John i wish you to get rest very well and i wish you a lot of money. Akbar says John happy birthday to you and i wish all your dreams will come true. Marat says happy birthday John, thanks for all good things you've done for me. I wish you happiness and long health life. Ruslan says happy birthday John!!! I wish you uncountable happy days and please stay safe. Lesha says, John happy birthday and i wish you to be healthy and really want to see you and your family again. Sasha says happy birthday John!!! Wish you to stay as you are, and of course i wish health and long life and thanks for your support. Misha says happy birthday to you, i wish you love and peace!! And Nick says, happy birthday!! There are a lot great wishes have been said, so John i wish you strong patience and God bless you,, please stay Safe and healthy We all love you !!"

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