Friday, October 30, 2020

People helping people

The supply chain continues .. The guys on the farm are are busy packing food bags from the storehouse.  Once packed up they put them out front for pick up .  Many different friends that work with families in need have turned to us for help at this time. Food , coal, medication and vitamins are the most in need right now, but there are always others to make it interesting , like someone needing a roof before winter or some one else needing some winter clothes for their kids . 

These needs are possible for us to help today because of the donations that came in at the beginning of October.   Through the support of many of you we have been able to stay one step ahead of the needs.  What we raise this week will keep us going through November . 

When not packing bags, the guys have been busy putting the farm to bed for the winter . The field of garlic is planted, and the rest of the gardens have been plowed under ready for the spring.   The corn is dry now and in this next picture you can see some of the boys separating the corn from the cobs . 

Just a little reminder about orphan Sunday coming up next week . 
We are partnering with a group from Bishkek to provide for an orphanage out in the mountains on the far side of Lake Isykool .  With the crisis right now, it is going to be difficult for them to raise a lot, but with our help we will be able to make a difference.  If your church or organization is thinking about doing something special for Orphan Sunday this year, this would be an awesome place to send support.    

The director of this orphanage is a great guy and works so hard to look after and provide for his kids . He is another great example of people helping people.    Because it is so far from the city , they are often over looked by NGO's and individuals wanting to help the orphans. 

 While I was working on this post we got word of another organization needing help. " Fountain of Life"  is the group that works with the homeless.  It is the group that Jengish worked with alot.   They cook meals and bring them to the homeless. The also have a place that they bring the homeless to for a hot meal and a shower and help with medical needs.  This is where the current need is. Many are in such bad shape and clothes are so old worn and dirty that they need to be thrown out. What they need is some winter clothes, warm socks, single use raisers and soap  along with some help with food .  We will start focusing on this need as soon as the Orphan Sunday need has been covered. 

Oh and those food hampers we saw being loaded at the beginning of this post .. They have just been delivered ..

Now I better hit post before something else comes our way ... 

Thank you all for your faithfulness. 

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