Thursday, December 27, 2018

You may look and see a group. We look and see individuals.

Today was Christmas celebration at the Red river orphanage.  Some of the boys from the farm came out to help with this one.  Red river is where several of the boys at the farm as well as Sam, our newest boy , grew up.   Sergey knows these kids and knows their history .. He also knows the ones that we have a history with and makes sure that they are in the pictures that he sends me .. Where you may look and see a group , We look and see individuals but some of you out there will look and see your friends .

What a great day celebration it was today. It was sponsored by young men who were from this orphanage, and now live in the US, but continue to support parties and outings for those friends that they left behind.  They experienced first hand the Joy that comes from days like this.  

When they time out of the orphanage system, some of the kids who have no supports and no family will flounder around a bit then find their way to the mens invalid home.   this is were some of our boys on the farm would have ended up.  

One time Emma went out to have a celebration at the home and she wrote me back and said .." Dad its like they are all little kids stuck into smelly old men bodies. "   And she is right. The problem is that we look at them different at some point, and stop seeing cute little kids that we want to love on, and we just see smelly old men that we want to hide away and pretend that they don't exist. 

Thankfully some of you do know that they exist and still see little kids that they want to show love.  That's why Larisa and Tanya have the resources to have days like today .. that's why they get an opportunity to come to the yurts for picnics our out fishing , or this year even to the World Nomad Games at lake Isykool .. Thank you for remembering them !

Here are a few pictures from their Christmas celebration 



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