Friday, December 21, 2018

First day of Christmas parties

The Christmas parties have begun .. This first party is at the Children treatment center.  This is the place that children from the orphanages are sent if they are having emotional difficulties . now let me ask , who would not have difficulties ?   So if they were not feeling alone and isolated enough, then to be moved to a treatment center... But this is where we have chosen to START the festivities.  

WOW Look whats in here !

In the photo above you can see the sound system we were able to purchase in time for the parties, a few hours after that the parties began.

 The clown was a big hit with the kids 

Out side it definite that winter is under full swing.

We continue to hand out coal to families in need .. late into the night they continue to come for enough coal to last them a couple months

This next picture in the green house you can see the rotation of the crops allowing us to have a continual supply of produce all winter.  I love that they can still get their hands in the dirt all winter, even when the temperature outside is between -15 and -20 .

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