Saturday, December 08, 2018

More Christmas ideas

Next up for our wish Christmas wish list are a few of the different orphanages and groups that we work with.

Orphanage food drop $900   
The baby orphanage , the Red river orphanage and the Ivonofka treatment center are three large orphanages that are often in need of food supplements, cleaning supplies and diapers.  throughout the year we bring these supplies a little at a time as we have the funds.  Going in to the winter is a really good time to do a big shop for each of them to help carry them through the cold months. , it costs about $300 each to do this.

   Blind society Christmas $500 
 One of the groups that we work with is the blind society.  This is a group of families and individuals who are dealing with vision problems in their family.  They come together to help each other with life difficulties.  Every year we sponsor a large Christmas party for them.  We are looking for at least $500 for this special day.  There could be as many as 250 at this event, so if we went over a bit would;d be OK too.

Olgas center $400

Many of you will know Olga and the great work that she does at her center.  It is a place the helps many families with children with physical difficulties as well as learning disabilities.  Olga likes to not only help them at the center, but she also helps at there homes with food and clothing for the families.   Olga would like to provide a party and gifts for about 80 kids this year .  thats just $5 a child 

  Extra Baggage for vitamins and supplies $200

Bekah will be coming to Canada for Christmas this year as one of the perks provided by the school she teaches at.  She is allowed two bags when she travels. On her return to Kyrgyzstan we would like to purchase one extra bag so that we can send more vitamins and other items that we have here in Canada waiting to go to those in need in Kyrgyzstan .  The cost for the extra bag is $200 

Transportation for orphanages to outings  $50
Time to time, the orphanages are offered free addition to things like the circus , or theater.  This is so great that the kids can get an outing, except for that they most times have to turn down the offer because they have no transportation.  Throughout the year they call and ask us to sponsor the bus.  Usually there is little to no notice so we do not have time to find a sponsor.  It comes down to if I have money that day as to whether or not the kids get to go .  I would like to have a fund on hand that would allow us to sponsor these events .  Just think, you could sponsor an outing for 50 kids to the  movies for just $50

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