Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Try it and see.

One of the investments we made a couple years ago was a popcorn machine.  We'll that small investment continues to bring so much happeness .  One thing about popcorn is all the senses that it awakens . Taste texture, and smell.  When given at times of joy and excitement, they all seem to merge together in our memories ... Then just simply smelling popcorn or even talking about it triggers good feelings.  That's why we don't just pre package the popcorn, but bring the machine with us .   A few days ago there was a community event that some of our folks were involved with so Vlad brought the popcorn machine for the kids and for all the volunteers he brought banana bread and fresh ground and brewed coffee.. the only smell that tops popcorn .    

A great day to be part of the neighborhood.

I have been sharing how giving and receiving (a biblical principle ) takes faith as aposed to recieving then giving ( muchless stress )

We were starting to run low on coal and families were still being brought to our attention
 So we went ahead and ordered 10 more tons.

The day after we ordered it the money was donated to cover the need 

I always hear people say that you can't out give God.   But lots of times he is waiting for you to make the first move..Try it and see ... I dare you 

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