Saturday, December 29, 2018

Today's reports

My face book and email inbox is getting filled up with different charities sending me little notes to remind me that I have just 3 more days to make a donation for this years tax year.  Julie and I discussed if we should be doing the same.  We both came to the same conclusion that our sponsors do not need any reminding,  You have all been so incredible all year long.  Just look over the blog posts from the last week and you see that We have all been truly blessed and remembered .. Thank you all who have brought so much joy and happiness to those we work with .. and the best part is that we are not done yet, we still have several parties and outings before we are done .. fortunately the orthodox Christmas is not until Jan 7 so it gives us some extra time to be a blessing for Christmas.

Here is today's reports 

Next up as promised is the celebration day with the farm.  They decided to go out for supper at a nice restaurant, and they also invited the small orphanage that they have been doing things with , like bowling and water park with teams , or the three weeks of farm camp.   Well today they all got together again . 

We had a special donation for them to get something special.. we had thought some snacks or something , but someone else brought some for them.  But what they really wanted was a few things for around the orphanage to make everyone's life a little easier .. So they got a vacuum cleaner , a multi cooker, an iron and an ironing board.  

They all had a great meal 

Before lunch, the kids from the farm got to go shopping at the Bazaar to buy their own Christmas gifts ...

A couple days ago Larisa sent some pictures of some of the food drops that they made. In one of those pictures was a girl that Emma looked after in the home a few years back.  Emma saw the picture and spotted that she did not have proper winter clothes 

so today they went back and got her and took her shopping for coat, boots and winter pants ...  Another young man we all know and love , Victor, also was able to get a new winter coat for Christmas from his sponsor .. he was very happy.

Larisa was also out delivering more food hampers to families in need .


Sibera , Dustan, and Ruslan all came to town this morning to meet up with Vlad to do shopping for a new years party out at the farm.  The best part of shopping day is that when they are done they get to go for a coffee at Giraffe coffee.

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