Friday, December 07, 2018

Christmas with Larrisa and Tanya

Many of you will know Larisa and Tanya.  They work with the men at the mens home and many families in need in their community, including those living at the dump.  Here are a few of their Christmas wishes 

Christmas party for the mens home $1000 

Larissa and Tanya have been working at the mens home for many years .  There are 250 disabled men there, many of whom have no family and never get out of the home.  They would like to have a Christmas party for them , complete with entertainment, gifts and food.   for just  $4 each, she can do this .

Shower rooms at the  mens home $500 

At the mens home there are 5 sections. each section has a small shower room that is older and in worse shape then you could imagine.  Larisa and Tanya would like to renovate each of them.  the cost for this will be $500 for each

Larisa and Tanya Ostiopath $250

Both Larisa and Tanya have had on going back problems, attributed to the hard work and heavy lifting they do daily while caring for others.  This fall we were able to make great headway with their health with the Osteopaths.  Now that the team is gone, they will need to travel to Bishkek to continue the path to healing.  We have had some sponsors for this, however we will be about $250 short to complete treatment.

Food hampers for Larisa's  families $25

Many of the families that Larisa and Tanya help live daily on what they are able to gather from the dump.  These are not lazy people, they are hard working, trapped  in a cycle of poverty. With a small all hand up, like the provision of a months supply of basic groceries,  Larisa is able to give them the HOPE of better things ahead . Just $25 is enough to supply a large bag of hope.

Please read on to the next post to see more possible Christmas gift ideas.  

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