Wednesday, December 26, 2018

While we slept !

And what a Merry Christmas it is.  My file is jammed full of pictures from last nights adventures .. while we sleep here, Kyrgyzstan is teeming with activity.  I will give you a brief look into the day of our friend ..

 First up is Larisa and Tanya 

They were delivering gifts to families that they work with ,  and getting ready to have a celebration at the mens home

Olga was also busy delivering to some of the families , that she supports, 

then it was to the center to have a Christmas party with the kids there 

Out at the farm they were packing gift bags and delivering a few of them. Tomorrow they will deliver another 25 bags   Here is a little video of the packing 

Over at Sergeys 
They were busy packing bags as well .. here is a video from there house packing bags 

Today was the Baby orphanages turn for a party .. and what a party it was 

While there , Sergey brought the new elements for the stoves so that they will be back up and running again .. what a blessing.  

Bekah and Kamalla have had to work all through Christmas , so last night they went out to a restaurant for their Christmas celebration.   Bekah works until Friday , then her work is sending her back to her Canada home for a short visit .. we can't wait to see her  

That is enough pictures for now, I will share some more once I get caught up with all the celebrations ,  Tomorrow ( tonight while we sleep )  is more family deliveries and a big party at  the red river orphanage .  stay tuned 

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