Saturday, December 08, 2018

Ideas from around the farm

These next few needs are from around the farm.  They will bring comfort and relief right away and will also benefit many in the months and years ahead.  Some are a little more ambitious then others, but maybe as a family or group someone out there might like to tackle them 

Aiperi and Sammy Christmas in Pakistan $50

Aiperi and Sammy have moved to Pakistan, but they are still loved by many from the farm, and around the world.  We would like to send them some Christmas money to let them know we are thinking about them . We would love to send them $50

Dentist visit for Beksoltan  $80
Misha to the dentist $100

A couple of the boys on the farm need some dental work.  Beksolton has just had a bunch of work done, now they just need to do an under the gum line cleaning.  Misha has just come to the farm and has never been to a dentist so we will have him go and get immediate needs fixed, then get a quote for the rest of the work to do at a later date when we have the funds

TV and VCR for Aigoolas house  $200

In the inside dining room at the farm, a lot of the meal prep-work is done, as well as it is a gathering place.  Aigoiola would like to have a small wall mount TV and VCR so that as she is working during the afternoon she could watch TV at the same time .

roof over the out door kitchen and patio  $500

This spring at the farm we built an outside cooking area where we do all the canning as well as cooking for large groups.  We would like to have a shelter over it that will keep the rain out as well as provide shade on those hot summer days .  The materials need will cost $500

Furnishings for Kashar $2500  

We have been working on renovating and additions on the "Center " mountain ranch.  This has become a real center of activity. We host many picnics for the orphanages and other service groups, as well as hosting conferences for families adopting inside Kyrgyzstan, training for people working with kids with Trauma, gatherings of workers supporting orphans in Kyrgyzstan. This Center is also rented out from time to time as a way to raise funds for the on going operation of the farm.  The Center has become much more then we ever dreamed.   As it grows in usage, we realize that we will need some more furnishings for the new rooms, more beds and couches, more cooking facilities in the kitchen and other finishing touches on the building .. trim on the windows some door handles etc. the total cost to finish the center and have it fully equipped to meat the needs is going to be about $2500 

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