Wednesday, December 19, 2018

More needs found

Sometimes giving unlocks needs .. What do I mean by that ?  Lots of times people have many needs that they are afraid to share or just simply don't want to bother us with. but when we show up to bring them food , gifts, or other things, they get talking and relax a bit then the other needs start to come out.  So for those that would still like to donate for Christmas but were wondering were, Here are a couple of the needs that we found out about today .  

Auxana , single mother with kids we just put the roof on her barn  and brought her coal, has a need .

 A couple years ago she got a water line brought right to her home. This was fantastic for her, and saved her a lot of walking.  The problem is that now two years later she finds out that she has to pay for that water and she owes them two years of water bill or she will be cut off.  She needs $80 to pay her water bill... more then she makes in a month.  

Another need was at the baby orphanage.  When Sergey went to see them to make arrangements for the Christmas party he found out about some trouble they are having in the kitchen.  We renovated the kitchen a few years ago and the farm supplies fresh produce to them, so when there is a kitchen need it is us that they call .. I guess the kitchen is not high on donors radar.   
So what they need is something to do with the gas stoves. the total cost for four is $200. 

So we can add these to the Christmas ideas. and as we are out in the neighborhood, I am sure we will find more. 

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