Tuesday, September 13, 2011

this and that

Had a nice day today. I dropped Bekah at school and then went for a visit with Lynn. He is up at his cottage for a couple days while Ruby is doing some training in New Hampshire. We had a nice visit and got caught up on the exciting things that they have been up to in Ukraine, and set some plans before they head back to Kyrgyzstan in a couple weeks.
In Norwood , there is a big fall fair that draws people from all over Southern Ontario. I stopped by to see about setting up a booth there this year. We have brought A LOT of Kyrgyz felt crafts that were done by the kids at the orphanages, and hope to sell them, as well as raise awareness. When I spoke with them, I was told that they had only one spot left, and they were saving it for something special and unique.. And we fit the bill.. It's a great spot, in fact it is right where I would have chosen if the choice had been mine. I just love it the way God works things out like that.
Got a nice letter from Emma today . It was full of good news about many of our kids. I just had some money clear the bank as well, so she will be back at it again tomorrow..
David and Jayne will be winding up their stay in Kyrgyzstan shortly. It was for a short trip this time, but they packed a lot into it. They have found that the situation at the University is much more serious then even they had imagined.. We really NEED to get some sponsorship rolling here. If any one is interested in helping with this , PLEASE let me know.. even if you were able to only get a few sponsors, for those few kids.. it will change their lives.. We will do what ever we can to help find sponsors with you, we will provide you with brochures about the program, posters, and video's to show. As well there is a web site set up to assist. www.iucascholarshipfund.org When I see the options for these orphans when they time out of the orphanages, it just makes me sick... By keeping them in school and giving them a good education, we get 4 years to try to reverse what 16 years of institutional living has done for them... this may be their last chance....

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