Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lessons to be learned.

I just sent some more money over to Emma . She had three more tuition's to pay. When things got desperate for these three kids, they decided that they would not return to University this year. Finances were just not there , and despite the fact that they had already invested everything they had and one full year, they knew they could not incur more debt. We heard about this, and told them that we would cover the short fall in their tuition.
It took a bit of coxing, but they returned to University.. it was not because they did not want to go, but it was that they did not believe that we would help. The University agreed to give us a little more time and allow the kids to start without paying the tuition up front. We are well ahead of the agreed date, but the kids have still been nervous that we would not follow through, it sometimes seemed like a struggle to keep everyone on track because of their fears ... .. Donations came in and today we were able to pay those tuition's...
For me it seemed like a no brainer.. I told them I would pay, I reassured them , yet they still could not relax and believe. Maybe because they had no frame of reference for anything like this from their past... yet today they received a blessing more then they could ever have imagined.
It made me think... God has promised us so much... he reassures us regularly, and he HAS given us many examples of provision in the past ... yet at times we are just like these kids .. full of amazement and wonder when He is faithful .
I wonder how much God has struggled to keep me on track... and if he shakes his head like we did when we start to get nervous... I hardly know these kids ... or at least I can hardly keep them all strait in my mind yet I expect them to trust me... How much more should I trust a God that not only keeps me strait in His mind, but he has the hairs on my heads numbered.
Tomorrow we will start work on the Seniors day celebration .( Oct 1 ) , a food drop for the Baby orphanage and Hospital, as well as shoes for the men at the rehab center. Not only am I feeling blessed about Gods provision, but I am excited to see what the future has in store .

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