Saturday, September 17, 2011

Orphanage and hospital food drop

Emma was able to fit in a few hours of shopping this morning before Melody's birthday party. We received a donation for food for the Baby orphanage, so Emma was taking care of that . She arranged some help, but they could not stay. It was taking so long for the shop keeper to put the order together... once again the Yogart appeared to be the issue.. all priced different... But Emma was able to bring fruit, Yogart, carrots and potatoes. and had a little left so she also got a few bags of cucumbers . Then she had "Had enough" so she loaded the Tatchka and headed for the baby orphanage ..hahaha Unless you have spent some time in the Bazaar, you would not totally appreciate this.
But she did have a few other stops before home. She made a quick stop at another store, and then the Baby Hospital.. She has continued to make sure that they have had enough formula for the new babies there .

We are so proud of her and the way that she has managed to continue the work in Kyrgyzstan, Especialy with Sergey and Anya away, Emma has had a little extra to do . There is a lot going on this time of year ,.. with all the tuition's and other needs .. But she has been able to somehow keep it all strait.. Shopping.. paying bills .. working the bank machine ... something I was always fighting with ... internet... All things that we take for granted here, but are things that test your patience there .
We appreciate all of you who have continued to support all these special needs, and have helped to keep Emma so busy.... Lynn and Ruby will be there next week, and will be helping Emma deliver large bags of rice to all the families on her list... When she said she wanted 100 bags, she sort of picked that figure off the top of her head... now that she is making the list up, she is up over 150, and is now trying to decide who to remove off the list ... Unless her Dad can come up with another $1500 for her before then..haha

Emma did get to have some time playing with the kids .. We will post a few more photos of that when she gets to a better internet ...

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