Saturday, September 24, 2011

family and friends.

Tonight we are at the retirement party of a dear friend of ours. He followed the call, changing his career path, but still spending 25 years in the ministry. He was a big part in my life, and had a lot to do with the reason I am on the path that I am.
Before going to the party, it was nice to have a visit with some of our kids .. We went for a visit at Benjamin and Rachels, and spent some time with Jonah.. I had a nice visit with Altynai on FB chat.. She is helping us to organize some events while the team is there over the next month. As well we had a visit with Emma.
While Julie was chatting with Emma, Emma was sharing about her first day with Dasha .. She was very quiet when she came , not a lot to say. Emma slept in the living room last night, outside Dasha's door so that she could listen to make sure she was ok... Then while Emma was on FB with Julie, Dasha came out and crawled up onto Emma's lap and watched intently while Emma typed . Emma shared with her the conversation she was having with Julie. Then Dasha started typing ... It did not make any sense to us, but she then shared with Emma what it was that she was typing . She began to open up....
7000 miles apart, yet Dasha understood that there was a babushka on the other side of that screen that loved her already.
Lynn and Ruby will be in the air right now on there way to Kyrgyzstan.. We are so blessed that they will be there for the next month to be the hands and feet of LAMb.. we are a little envious.. we wish we were there ourselves, but we know that there is a lot to do here right now. But please remember them in prayer as well .. there is again soooo much on their plate, as they not only break new ground, but keep the everything rolling ...

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