Monday, September 26, 2011

In time for winter

As the winter is approaching, fear beginning to settle in the valley. This time every year, although it is still warm, our friends have one eye on the snow line in the mountains. Every day the snow is a little lower. Let me tell you , when you can't just go turn up a thermostat, or when you have NO heat at all , like the dining room at the mens home, winter is not something you look forward to.
Along with Lyn and Ruby joining Emma in Kyrgyzstan this week, we have a couple other short term trips on the go. You all know Jody from our spring trips, well she is on her way next week, along with our friend Gabriel... two incredible women with hearts of Gold.
When she first contacted me she asked what the most pressing needs were.. "COAL" was my answer. we now use close to 50 tones of coal a winter... The seniors home, Dayspring, the rehab centre, and the many families we watch over... Last night Jody called me to let me know she will take care of that next week. WHAT A BLESSING... Just as confirmation how serious this is, with in 5 minutes of hanging up the phone from her I received an email from the director of the rehab centre asking if we could help her with coal.. she was worried about what she was going to do... especially since places like hers become emergency shelters in the winter.
I was able to respond right away that Jody was on her way and would be making arrangements for her coal. Just in case she thought that maybe we had forgotten her,the response was so quick that she knew right away that she had not been forgotten, in fact this need was in the works BEFORE she even asked... I just love that.. Stay tuned for some more amazing things that Jody and Gabriel will be doing ,... the coal is just the beginning .
Another exciting thing happened. I was talking to Dave Wright about the trip at Christmas . His friends have money that he was going to bring for work at the mens home. The have agreed to send it early so we can get a start on the renovations there, and maybe even get the heat in before winter. But what is even more exciting is that 3 of his kids will be travelling with him.
They have been incredible supporters of the work in Kyrgyzstan for years, and last winter, they travelled to Guatamala on a missions trip. They are incredible kids , and it will be such an honour for us to have them along. and hay .. that's 120 more lbs of vitamins we will be able to carry on this trip.

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