Friday, September 30, 2011

Kyrgyzstan Waiting Children Pie Challenge

As we are getting ready to start the 4th annual Christmas Pie in the face and Vitamin Challenge for the kids in Kyrgyzstan, I came across this video from last year ... It has hit me particularly hard this year.., since this was made we have traveled to 18 states, and met with many of the families in the video . Now when I think of these kids, and visit them in the orphanages, we see their forever families in our minds.. we have seen their new rooms. we have seen the fields they will be playing in. I also think of all the brothers and sisters, Grand parents and extended families.. the communities that are praying and fighting to get these kids home.

It's so sad.. I wish there was more that we could do.

This year , we will be traveling to Kyrgyzstan for Christmas to be a part of the Celebrations.. Maybe we can't get them home by Christmas , but they will know that they are loved.

Emma was at one of the orphanages last week for the birthday of one of our young kids, He was happy enough to see her and get a few toys and some new clothes, but when Emma mentioned his Dad's name, he suddenly lite up.. Just the mention of that name brought Hope and Joy to him..

I really need a little extra help this year getting volunteers for the pie's Other years we have had 20 volunteers, but this year we need to double that to 40.. I know deep down that We have to get the vitamins there. We have all heard the stories, and seen the photo's , We need to do more then a hit and miss approach that we have been taking to supplementing nutrition.. we need to get all these kids, big and small, the nutrition on an on going basses that they need , and that begins with vitamins.

The way I figure it , we can either find twice as many committed pie targets now, or in a few weeks , we can try to convince all our donors to give twice as much ...

Just think $10 will not only provide the kids with a day that they are reminded that they are special , but for the next 365 days, they will be provided with the building blocks of life when they need them most.

Please email me with your commitment to receive a pie, as well, please help me to recruit a few more...

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Shannon said...

I never thought another year would go by without them home. It's just devastating. Thank you, John and family for your continued commitment to the children of Kyrgyzstan!