Monday, September 05, 2011

Doing what they can for the kids ...

Tuesday afternoon, we will be meeting a group of incredible people from Newfoundland that are doing what they can to make a difference.. They will be stoping at the Burger Hut in Norwood ... if you arte in the area, why not stop out and thank them yourself.

. Here is there story


For several years now I’ve had the opportunity to work with a group of friends and family in Newfoundland and across Canada who have been diligently raising money to assist Ed Dickson’s mission of helping orphans in the Ukraine. One of the projects developed by Ed Dickson and his team is called Operations Can Be Done. This is a program where handicapped orphans receive life-changing surgeries or operations that are otherwise unattainable.
In August 2010, while cycling on vacation in Gros Morne Newfoundland, God spoke to me through a vision that showed me a way of helping as many handicapped orphans in the Ukraine as possible. He told me to put together a team and raise awareness for Operations Can Be Done by cycling across Canada; from Vancouver to St. John’s! Even though this was outside my comfort zone and there were many sleepless nights as I considered it, I knew in my heart it was what God wanted me and the team to do.

So, here we are; headed to Vancouver on August 13th, 2011 with a plan to tag-team bicycle-ride across Canada with the finish line in St. John’s, Newfoundland in late September or early October.
Our goal is to raise $100,000 to help improve the lives of as many orphans as we can. All of the money we raise (every cent) will help change the lives of these children forever. We’ve been raising monies through bake-sales, penny collections, bbq’s etc.; now you too can become involved by making a donation online. Your donation will be a gift from your heart and received as a gift of love by these children.
Please help us to do as God has instructed through His message to help His children.

Thank you for your support.
~ Tony O'Grady

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