Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday my young friend .

Today was another busy day for Emma , We missed on of the kids tuition... well not really missed, just overlooked. but all is worked out now.. Then Emma went out to one of the orphanages to celebrate a birthday with one of our special friends.
He was so close to going home, but now this has been the third birthday that he has celebrated with out his family. I just got this note from Emma

".here's one picture of Amir, theres a couple more i'll send when I can get to better internet. Amir was really happy with his sweater and soccarball, but his smile was biggest when I mentioned Bob. I think today was a special day for him because you remembered about his birthday and also when I got there they were all getting ready to go to a play near Bishkek, so he probably felt pretty special to wear his new jacket there. I couldnt remeer exactly how many kids were there, but we took at least 10 cakes I think last time, so i would have had to take a taxi, and also then there wouldnt be enough left for much of a present, so instead of cake i got 3 or 4 kilos of those fancy truffle chocolate and 2 boxes of cookies. and went by bus."

For a girl that does not like shopping , Emma is sure getting her share. I can remember when Amir stayed with us he loved the chocolates she is talking about... they are individualt wraped truffles, and they are incredible. Far better then a cake any day.

Emma also had a meeting with the director.. Part of any visit to an orphanage is the "How's your momma .. when you sit and visit and talk about family and friends, then there is an opertunity to share the needs of the orphanage.. then you get to what you are there for...

The most common need is food and school supplies.. both of which we have been helping with here for years. Today it was a little different.

Over the last year, US Aid has been doing a lot of work at the orphanage.. renovating and repairing the buildings. They have done a great job... We are listed as parteners in the project... yet the work done is soo fare out of our leage.... but we did do our part... We provided the food for the workers that were there for the summer.. I figured that they would be fead any ways... and we did not what them to cut into the food for the kids, so it seemed like a good trad off.

Now the renovations are done, and the director is asking Emma to help her out.. All the rooms have been repaire, and repainted, all with new windows, but they don't have any drapes, and they are wondering If I can help with that. To do all the buildings will be $700 .. this will cover the materials, and they will make the drapes themselves. I don't really have room in the budget for this, but I guess they don't have to do them all at once, so I will give them a bit to get started... if anyone wants to help with this , you can use the pay pal button on the side .. But in time we will get it done...

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