Friday, September 23, 2011

The first child arrives ..

This is a very special day for Emma. She is concerned, she is excited, and she is ready. Today Emma and the rest of the family and staff at Dayspring woke up with a new child in their care.
Her name is Dasha, and she is a beautiful little girl. I said that Emma is concerned.. she knows Dasha's story, and she knows that important role that Dayspring will play in Dasha's future. As you know , Emma takes her position in Kyrgyzstan very seriously.. and the life of a child is a serious matter.
Emma has shared with me some of the issues that Dasha will be facing , and as I read her letter, I realize that the work we do and all the connections that we have , will all be needed to meet the needs of these children in a manor that would be right , and pleasing to God. I also recognize that we are going to need the help of sponsors to do this. If it was just "Three hots and a cot " it would be one thing, but it's not .. it is a life we are talking about .. we have a commitment to love and care for these children as our own..
At this point, Dasha does not have a sponsor.. in fact at this point, we are not certain how extensive her medical needs medical needs will be , but we do know that she needs people in her court .. fighting for her , and standing in the gap for her. Yesterday Dasha may have been alone , today she has the LAMb team , Maybe tomorrow she will have YOU.

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LAMb International said...

Dasha will have complete medical tests done next week - to determine the course of action for her. We pray it will be good news and help her to live a very long life.