Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shaping the future

Interestingly enough, as a follow up , or A-Men to my last post, I received an update from one of our friends in Bishkek.. I thought it was fitting ...

He writes ;

Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan 3 million people limitless Internet, coffee shops, new buildings, I pad’s, etc… sometimes I almost forget I am in the 7th poorest country in the world until I take another look around me! The other day I passed an older Russian man sitting next to a scale (where people weigh themselves) asking 1 Kyrgyz som for this service and about block later a Russian lady with two small wooden stools next to a cardboard box reading peoples fortune’s for a small amount of money. I also noticed a small boy with clothes that looked like they had never seen a washing machine and he hadn’t eaten in a long time. There was no smile or joy anywhere on his face only sad resignation that his life was in the pits. It hit me right in the gut this boy had NO hope for today, let alone a future. These children are supposed to be the future for Kyrgyzstan?? What will happen if these boys and girls are left alone? Well our news tells us every day what happens: drugs, murder, sex without love, more abandoned children and the cycle goes on and on. The Taliban get most of their recruits from orphaned boys, drug lords all over the world get their new recruits from boys with no fathers, and the girls end up in prostitution or single mothers with children they can’t take care of, our societies becomes numb to the need and these children are forgotten! The GOOD news is that God doesn’t forget and wants us to reach out to these children and put them into loving homes and families to help reach the potential God has given them. When we invest into these special children we invest into the future of the countries we live in. The children of today will be the future leaders of tomorrow either good or bad depending on how we respond to them.

As I red this , it hit me even stronger how the tools and experiences the future leaders of Kyrgyzstan will draw on will be what they are learning and experiencing today... please take a look over at and see how you can invest today into the Kyrgyzstan of tomorrow.

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