Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not so much fun but needed to be done.

  It can not be all fun and games, and with school around the corner, there is a lot that needs to be taken care of before it starts.  We knew there was a lot to deal with, and that is one of the reasons that we are here before school starts up again.    Before we can start getting everyone ready for school again, we had to do the unpleasantness of dealing with some drinking problems.. It is so hard to help people get ahead when something as destructive as alcohol is concerned... this has made it necessary to sort out some custody issues with some of the kids before we can move forward.    The first big encounter took place tonight... fortunately all went well, the older siblings now have guardianship of the younger brothers and sisters, and the alcoholic abusive parents are out of the picture.  We will continue to try to help the parents and try to arrange treatment for them, but in the mean time the children will be safe, and can begin moving forward...  So stressful.... so while we were on a roll, we brought all the "problem children" out onto the table for "Discussion"  It can be dis heartening, but at the same time if it is all out there we have no doubt what our direction will be.  It was kind of funny, we had a friend stop buy who has been here for the summer, and she was asking what our schedule looked like.. I told her that we did not have our own phone yet, so we have been under the wire so we had an open schedule. .. Well the phone arrived ! buy the time she left after supper, we were booked for the next week... haha.. It was kind of funny, as she left she said " Wow that was cool  the way that all went down"...

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