Thursday, August 19, 2010

Home in Tokmok ...

Oh this is a repost, forgot that I had to change the colour of the font, oops.....
We had a good trip into Tokmok this morning... We were feeling pretty swish... we were able to get three month visa's right at the airport, so that saved us a ton of paperwork and endless trips back to the city.  When we got to Moscow, we had only a litttle battery left, and as soon as we got on line we heard from Acel and Talant.  They just had visitors at their home. It was two of our dear little ones... Muksat and ibec.. they came to Acels asking how much longer before we would be here.. Their sisters husband has started drinking again, and has been beating them, and they can not take it any more and were looking for us to help them.  My heart just breaks for these two .  Acel found a place for them for the night ,some point today we will have to find them and make sure that they are OK.  We will likely start by going out to the home and see just what is going on, and what the best approach will be.   We were kind of thinking that this time we would do a soft entrance and pick up speed once we got a chance to catch up with everyone, but it looks like we are right into it.   
   I was able to get the satelite internet up and running after a little work, but our home internet we are on a waiting list for.. As well the Blogs are still being blocked , so we have to use the back door to do any posting. Our first stop today was to see baby Emma ..Oh ya .. Acel and Talant and the girls as well.. They were so happy we stopped by.  Sergey and Anya are with family this week up in Isykul , and we will see them Saturday... what ever day that is... Gengish will be coming over in a few hours after work at the centre.  Ishar was waiting for us at the airport.. he is such a great guy, it sure was nice to have a good visit with him on the way home.  Aipery was driven on to Orlofka to her home, and tomorrow we will go there in the morning to see everyone.  Altynai and the girls just headed over to her house to see how things have transpired over the last couple months... pray for her. 
  Julie is busy unpacking and rearanging the furniture.   Time for a shower and a nap... will write more and add some photo's shortly.

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