Friday, August 27, 2010

Another day of shopping.

Well they have managed to close the back door to the blog that I had found, so until I find another way around the block, I will have to email posts in to the blog again.. That means I can't get the photos it the right place so you will have to just make up your own storey to go with each picture.
    This morning we ummmm ... funny , I can't even really remember this morning.. .. I know that there were different kids here then the last night, and tonight there are different kids then last night.   Oh I remember , We had 20 more kids from the orphanage, plus a few from the village that joined them.
  By 9 we were in the market doing more back to school shopping.  we finished the first wave by 11:45, then went to the school and had tea with Olga and her staff.  Bekah got to check out her new office where she will be doing her schooling..  We got back to the apartment just in time to meet up with Jessica's family  A few minutes after that we had another bus load of kids arrive, and back to the market. The market has been busier the last couple days then I have ever seen it before. I found out today that it is because they have opened the boarder for 10 days so that people can do their back to school shopping.  
  Later today, Altynai was finished school, and we went over to the school that her siblings attend to discuss with them the new living arrangements, and what they will be on thin a few weeks.. We will all need to be on the same page if this is going to work.
   Tomorrow morning we will be heading to Lake Isykol with a couple car loads of kids.. I think it will be a good time to go, its starting to get hot here again.   

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