Monday, August 23, 2010

Making room for more !

When we are in Kyrgyzstan we have a really nice apartment... we like it more every time... I guess what I like about it is that although it is nice, it is not in any way pretentious. It is a nice place to bring people, they always expect us to have a fancier place, A big house and the works, but our apartment is just great. Whats even better is the incredible arrangement that we have with our friend Ed who owns it. Ed gives us the apartment free of charge, we just cover the utilities, and he says to "Buy a present for the apartment." so every time we come we do a little something.. you may remember a couple years ago we built the new balcony, and the washing machine, another time was the microwave, and the bunk beds, this spring we bought new furniture... well that one was more because we gave away the other furniture to someone who needed So this year we were thinking about getting a bigger fridge and more counters and plates for when there are teams here.

  . It was a little sooner then we thought, but since we are now a family of 7 or 8 ( not quite sure, the dust has not settled yet ) we went ahead and got them today.. that and 10 more plates , bowls and cups.. so when we bout the fridge, we spent the extra $40 and bought the freezer on the bottom fridge that Julie has always wanted ..

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