Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A day with friends at the rehab centre ... such a place of hope!

Today's post is from the rehabilitation centre.  It was a great celebration, and what made it most special of all was that our friend Baski was there to cook for us all... his first celebration feast that he has cooked since PI helped him with his brain tumor operation.  He showed us his it's a doozy.  I found out that the Dr who operated was our friend from the Children's hospital that we work with .  

Baski gave me such a good hug... about 3 or 4 times.. I watched as he laughed and joked with the men. Such a blessing for me to see him enjoying LIFE thanks to so many of you !

The feast started with the skinning of the lamb

Apparently these are the best parts.

We ate in 2 waves as there were so many there today... Mom or young friend Colya is to my right . he says hi.

This is a feast fit for a king

Jengish thought that the cups were to small, so he drinks his coke out of a soup bowl .

This is the new dining hall and class room / meeting room that we helped to build. Now they will be able to add another  8 to 10 beds for the detox section.

We had one of our friends from the city join us for the day as well. Her 93 year old great aunt had many of her friends join together to help out at the centre by providing them with the seeds for the garden, so she was thrilled to see how well everything was doing , and to have Salad made from the farm

I on the other hand was excited to see the barn take shape. We had helped them put the roof on , and now it is just about ready. when done it will hold approximately 40 cows.  The average cow in Kyrgyzstan gives about 10 to 12 liters of milk a day. the cows that they are raising here are now providing over 30 liters a day, and only use 10 % more feed.
There goal is to be able to help farmers set up a dairy farm of 4 to 6 cows that will allow them to be self sustainable.

We found this big hole. Jengish says it is a punishment hole. men in the program that break the rules have to dig a hole ... not sure why

But when you see Jengishes warning finger, they know to be careful

They are making the feed trough now

Some buddies of Jengish arrived. he did not like that he was the shortest one there and thought that they should do something about that ...after all he is the "Sultan of Sarafeemofka"

He then attempted to show us the bees  BUT

That did not go so well for him.

before heading on our way, we got a few jars of honey and Salad to take home with us.
We stoped on the way home at the second hand furniture bazaar to get a few more beds for the apartment, actually a bunk bed and two ore single beds.  Then a couple hours ago, we had another guest arrive.. The needs here are incredible.. I will share more of this next storey when we figure it all out

Altynai did not get to join us today , this was her first day back at school, so we made her stand and pose for her first day  back to school picture ... a custom in our house hold. 
Tomorrow morning we have another dentist appointment for one of our kids who's tooth broke off last night, then we are sending them out to Aigoola's for the day while we head for the city for another busy day... we will also slip in a trip to the Knowledge store where Bekah will have a small office to do her school work from.

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