Monday, August 16, 2010

Arrived back in Kiev

Where did we leave off...... Well last night we met with a lot of the people that the girls worked with for the last couple of months.. they all had such wonderful things to say about them and were so sad to see them go.  Lena stopped by the apartment to pick up a few things for the people that she is working with as well as to bring some little gifts for the girls.... We are down to only one 20 kg bag  each for the next portion of the trip, so like me we will need to shed about 60kg.   Julie and Emma are frantically eating jars of peanut butter , so one way or another they will make it on the plane ....

Lena with Blankets and quilts

Lena looks over the reading glasses before bringing them to the invalid home
 After a storey book goodbye on the train platform as friends ran to say good bye , we all climbed on board the overnight train to Kiev.  This trip, the only tickets left had Julie and I in a first class compartment... very fun.. Hardly out of the station and they came around with tea... and our beds were made... other then that, it was the same room as the economy, except it has two beds not three.
Lord Byron tea served on the midnight train to Kiev
 When we got to Kiev, we had breakfast at McDonald's at 5:30 am, then headed over to the YWAM boat.  they are always so friendly and it is such a blessing to have something familiar to come to.. we even have the same rooms as our last stay.   After a nap, gathering up bags we had stored here in Kiev and having a swim we came back and had a meeting with some of the ILDC staff here.   They shared some stories of the incredible work that they are doing, then we got down to business designing a blog for them, and figuring out all the gadgets and links that they will need, as well as setting it up so that they could publish directly by emailing directly to the blog.
Getting ready for a meeting with the ILDC staff in Kiev
 While we were meeting, Aiperi and Emma explored the boat, and Altynai had a nap in the aircontitioning
Aiperi on the deck of the YWAM boat on the Dnieper  River ,Kiev
 After the meeting we took a little walk down the road to take the ILDC guys out for supper. Our first stop was a very nice traditional Ukrainian restaurant.. we thought it would be a good time to try it with a couple nationals that could help navigate through the menu... once in I found out it was a little pricey, but we were beyond the point of return... then the waitress came out and apologized that the power had been off all day, so they had very little food and they would not be able to serve a group our size... Saved by the power..hahaha we went next door and had pizza... it was still a nice meal and good to meet and spend time with our new co workers...
Aiperie started with the Ice cream... then the pizza.

Out for supper with ILDC staff
 After supper, the guys went on their way, and we walked back to the boat... it is a beautiful night here, and the view from our boat is wonderful..
View from our window tonight , looking across the river.
Tomorrow we are going to sleep in, then take the girls to the art galleries along Saint Andrews decent, then TAKE A CAB..( last time we walked it). over to the museum under the iron lady.

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