Thursday, August 05, 2010

Joining LAMb at the river .

I want to take you back with us to the spring of 2008. Julie and I along with Emma and Bekah found ourselves waist deep in situations that were so far beyond our skills.. We were in Kyrgyzstan to love the kids, to bring hope and restore dignity.. Maybe it was naive, but we thought that we could do that by simply showing love and grace to those we came into contact with.. Very quickly we came to the realization that the situation was so much more un manageable then we had originally anticipated.. We found ourselves called to step way past our comfort zone, and our abilities.. I remember the night when we were nearly..... OK so we were in tears, and called out for help.. I remember quoting an old saying that "He will never give you more then you are able to handle." We were feeling so..ummm... in effective... so much more was needed to do this right, and that was more then we had.
As a favor to friends in Canada, we met that night with a couple that found themselves in Kyrgyzstan... That night at supper we listened to them as they explained the difficulties that they were experiencing and the frustrations they had... yet they had the very skills and abilities that we had just called out for... and the funny thing is that they areas that they were finding difficult were the very area's that were were flourishing in... It only took that one dinner, and we all realized that this was a divine meeting. We then began to work closely with their entire team on many projects .. That meeting has gone on to bring us into some of the most amazing and life changing situations that I could ever have imagined...
After 2 years of this un-official partnership , for the sake of those we are trying to help, we have decided to make it official... Effective July we have joined forces with LAMb. We will continue to do what we do, and they will continue to do what they do , and together we will continue to bring change to a nation. I remember one day discussing the rolls that we each played in that change... It is best described here .
We are very blessed that this will not limit our work with Possibilities International, We will move to a role of Dream agent, and continue to work with PI bringing dreams and stories from Central Asia, as well as continue to help with their interests in Kyrgyzstan. By continuing to bring support to all their workers in Central Asia we are sure to see the efforts flourish, of incredible people like Sergey and Anya, Acel and Talant, Jengish, Larisa and Tanya, Oleg and Vera, Olga, Vlady and Dr Tatyana, and so many more .. We see this move as such a positive one all around, and will bring a better stability and a stronger presence to the work that we do.
We just stand back in amazement at the path that is unfolding before us...

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