Monday, May 24, 2010

turning up the heat!

There is just so much to do to get ready for our next adventure.. in a little more then 2 months Julie will begin her 1 year ....gulp ..unpaid leave ... we have been working hard to rearrange our home and our life to live on a much smaller salary. We start work tomorrow morning on the apartment in our home that my mom will move into .. this will help off set some of the house hold expenses as well as have someone here while we are away. Our goal is to be able to live on a salary of $1000 a month... The part that can be scary is that when I look at the totals including air fair visa's and on the ground related expenses .... here is our plan.

The plan is for Us to be in Kyrgyzstan by September and stay till mid November and then back to Canada for three months. We will use the months of December, January and February to raise funds for our second term of three months in Kyrgyzstan. That is right....the Wrights will return from March to May 2011.
While we are in Kyrgyzstan we will be overseeing projects in orphanages, seniors homes and helping the poor and needy.We will also supply PI with dreams, and oversee the fulfillment of those dreams.
At PI they have worked with us on a budget for us for the year. This budget will not only take care of us while they are overseas but will also take care of us while we are in Canada. We need to make sure the funds are in place to make sure that we are their and effective in what we do. The budget for the year is $62,000. The goal is to have the first half raised by the time we leave. You can help by donating to "The Wright Stuff - One". If you are able to make this happen, please follow this link .
There are a lot of things we can do for the hurting helpless and the lost in Kyrgyzstan , but the greatest gift I know to give them is ourselves.... but we need your help...

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David and Jayne Schooler said...

God stretches a $1,000 a month, John...we have seen Him do it with you guys. When we talk with you about money in Krgyz, you remind us, "after all, I get $1,000 a month!" God, indeed, muliplies your resources. we love you guys..we are planning a return during the first week of Sept for the university work.