Friday, May 14, 2010

Blessing Baski

What an awesome thing has happened here today... only a few hours ago I shared the need of GOOD man in a life threatening situation...He and his family living on less then $150 a month, faced with an emergency need of $1000 to remove a dangerous brain tumor... I am just so thrilled to share that that need has been met... not just by one or two people, but their has been an incredible outpouring of people all doing their part to let Baski know that he is not alone in this... I just got off the phone with Jengish to give him the instructions to pick up the money that has just arrived in Central Asia for this need... He asked "How much" in a very sheepish voice... when I told him " All of it " , he was just totally overwhelmed .. a few minutes later he sent me this response

I would like to thank everyone that gave through iam1ru , to save our Bazki's life. He has been a faithful worker to the rehab centre , and a father figure to many of the men that came through the program.

Bazki has been the glue that kept the center through the rough times. He was there to make sure that work gets done, and the discipline is in place. He loves his job. He has stayed with us through the roughest of times. He was there when we couldn't pay wages .

I love this guy, and I'm so very thankful for your generosity.

Thank you,


If you were wanting to be a part of this blessing, I am sure that over time there will be much more that we can do... please check out from time to time for updates, and other opportunities to support...

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Lori said...

So amazing! Thank God!