Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taking a lesson from Mimi ...

I told you that I was going to share another exciting update, but I just read the blog of a friend, and it touched my heart so much that I had to re post it here.

it's never to late to leave a legacy!

Monday, May 17, 2010
Thanks, Mimi...We'll Never Forget

She was the reason we were able to bring her home...
And she was so upset with me when I came home from the first trip without her! She was slowing down, and just could not understand why we would leave her there...try explaining that without crying!
She wasn't well enough to be at the airport when she flew in. But, she was the first stop we made ! She could see hardly see at all, but she could see well enough to know how beautiful Anara was. And then she cried...and cried...and hugged and kissed all of us. She held on long enough to see her come home.
And almost 3 years have passed since we first showed her the picture of the little girl that would be her 6th great grandchild. The day they told us we could have Anara was exciting and terrifying. How were we going to get that kind of money in one business day?! When my mom went to Mimi's room and knelt beside her chair so that she could hear her and shouted, "They said they can have her!" Mimi was so overjoyed. Mom went on to explain to her, "There's a problem. Tim and Hil need a large amount of money, in cash, and they need it now so they can be on a plane in 2 days." Without skipping a beat Mimi said, "There's enough my account is there not?" Mom nodded. "Then why are you still sitting here talking to me? GO!" We could've never gotten a loan like that in one business day...1st National Bank of Mimi is the reason we were on the plane 2 days later. Patient, gracious, loving, kind, gentle, and wise. I miss her.

I remember well when all this took place... I have since had the opportunity to get to know Tim and Hillary much better, as well we have a deeper understanding of Anara's life... We stand in the baby hospital and see beautiful babies arrive... we have followed them through into the same baby orphanage that Anara called home ... I know the love and care that the workers had and showed for her, and have watched the very same workers give the same loving care to other babies... but it is nothing like the love of her forever family ... I have continued on the path of what ifs and followed children into the orphanages for older kids... and I have worked with them on the streets when they turn 16, we have seen the institutions that they live out there days in... I wonder if Mimi had any understanding of this at the time....

I't made me stop and think ... where are my treasures laid up... hahaha... that will just have to be hypothetical..since I don't have any treasure... but really I want to take a page out of this book... I want to be like Mimi..it's never to late to be a philanthropist... iam1ru ?

OK so I promise ... later tonight some exciting news

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