Thursday, May 06, 2010

Brace yourself ! Ed's in town .

Actually that sounds scary, but the truth is that this will be an incredible time of refreshing and encouragement for both those we work with and those we support... Ed always bring with him an incredible smile, and a gentle spirit that brightens a day..
A could of his stops brought him through some of our stomping grounds ... Anya brought him out to visit the seniors at the Seniors home,
Then they stoped out at Aigoola's to pick up some blankets and Mattresses

In fact this delivery took 2 vans

I am not sure I I mentioned this, but our friends are preparing to host a conference, and they were short beds.. so Aigoola has been busy making sure the everyone has a nice bed and a new blanket..

the conference will run for the weekend, then all the beds and blankets will be delivered to the invalid home....
This has also been a great boost for Aigoola's family... the contract was a big one and was able to help them to get cought up after paying for the rental and planting of there own grain fields this year... As well as to help her to provide for the extra children that she helps to look after from her community..
Next we will start work on the new beds for the hospital as they are sponsored... we got the first one sponsored this week, and have 21 more to go. I hope to have them all ready to bring to the hospital by the end of the summer.

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