Thursday, December 21, 2006

Update from Sergey & Anya

Last night Lora's great-grandmother is die.
Larissa (lady who help for Lora) today did all document for what
great-grandmother is die. Tomorrow will be funeral. Lora hasn't money
for that, but Larissa to borrow $100 from one lady, and after 4 days she
need give back $100 for this lady.
Lora now is OK. Tonight she will sleep with friend's house.
God bless you.
Sergey, Anya and kids.

One is good, what Larissa did inheritance. And now this house where Lora
live for document Lora is heir-at-law. Big thank for God what Larissa
did it.

We (P.I.) are making arangments for permanant sponcership for Laura. If you would like to help until that time,or you are interested in sponcership,please contact Sam at
Blessings John

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