Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And the work goes on !

Hello my dear friends!!!!!!
My heart is burning, because God give me a Great Joy!!!!!
One more man became to God!!!!!! His name is Leonid. He is blind
It’s was miracle for me!!!!!
One Lady from church said to me : Go to Leonid please,
he want see you and talk with you.
Next day was day of salvation for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I came with my helper to clean his home and Leonid said that hi want be a Christian.
We was pray about it. And he is believer now!!! Praise God!!!!
When we are finish clean we are cook dinner for him: Fish and potato.
When I visit him in next time he ask me:Can I give some money for church. I ask him:Why you want do this? He said: I don’ know,
but I know that Christian people give money to church.
And after I read to him Bible (Mal.3:10).
And Leonid give to me 10th part of his pension.
It’s not so big money, but it’s very precious things
for Leonid. He is give it to God!!!!!!
Last week, I visit some blind people in xxxxx city ( 20 min from Town)
It’s terrible. It’s very bad conditions and this people can’t see.
I visit one man, he is blind, deaf and along. I so sad!!!! This man never saw sky, trees and flowers. I can’t believe. When I saw how he seek food on the table, I was cry.
Christmas is very soon. We are get ready and buy some presents for seniors.
We want do Christmas celebration for seniors and kids. It will be 26th of December. Alleluia!!!!!

My friends, pray for us please, we are need in this!!!!!!
I love you so much!!!!!!!

With love in Jesus

P.s. Look at the photo of the helper. It looks like Mrs. Dumpling (Mother of the family living in the house that Scotty campained for.

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