Sunday, December 17, 2006


As many of you already know, every December I go to Toronto to sell Christmas trees. Now I am not a city person, but this "Neighbourhood" is really quite interesting. There are so many different nationalities and cultures there. I get lots of opportunity to practice my Russian . On the tree stand today, I saw, what was to me, a most parcular sight . Two young men came into the stand. They showed the occasional public display of affection toward each other, but the interesting thing is that one was in full orthodox Jewish clothing with his hair in ringlets. I was a little surprised when I saw this and finally I could not help myself but I approached the subject ........ No, not that one...I may be from the country but I'm not stupid.....I asked if he was a practicing Jew, and said I was surprised to be selling him a Christmas tree! His friend piped up,"That's nothing, I am a Muslim Arab". Well I told Julie about this little adventure when I got home tonight, and she promptly pointed out to me that the ironic part is that their historically Pagan Based Christmas tree " was just sold to them by a Born Again Spirit filled Christian......... ON A SUNDAY.....Ops.

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npcmensmimistries said...

Johnny, See, and we thought we were mixed up. Just "shows to go you", that when all is said and done, we're all wierd in one way or another, if nothing else keeps humanity the same its our diversity!
I have no idea what that means, but I know this "Jesus loves us, this I know, becase the Bible tells us so" :)
And thats all I really know, the rest is all perspective.

Blessigs brother