Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A place in my heart !

As many of you have seen from the recent posts, The village orphanage is very dear to my heart. There are a few opportunities here that I want to high light. The big one is that many of us have been working to help them purchase the building from the Government. Well we are almost there. The Government has finely agreed and has set a price. $25 000. So far have $23 800 Its so close, I can taste it. I have reposted some previous Blogs that show the progression of this project.

From there we went to village orphanage. This was the orphanage that the Gov. Was trying to close . Rather than finding an "Orphanage", we found a young couple with three of there own kids trying desperately to look after 17 other kids off the street. We brought them A washing machine, and three space heaters , and made arrangements to go back this week with local work crews the install heating and water.
For us , we had not given it a hole lot of thought, when we each threw in $50 for this extra pojet, but were relay brought back to reality when we watched this lady break down and weep. The deadline for the closing of the orphanage was only a week away, and they would have all been on the street. It was quite a sight, we were all crying, We had a celebration fewest cooked there and had lunch with them, then played some games and handed out crayons and paper for all the kids. We also left Tooth brushes and tooth past for them. We will be going back there for a few days.
Blessings John (Oct 2005)


In my last newsletter, I mentioned an
orphanage in Central Asia where we
had helped to put running water into
the building, fix the heating system
and do some renovations.

This was not a Christian orphanage,
in fact, the leaders were Muslim.

The pastor of the small village church
actually invited us to the orphanage
because the director did not want
her doing 'church' stuff with the kids
and she said, "If we can help them
change this horrid place, they may,
little by little, open up to us."

I just received the news ... This week
... This amazing director and one of
her staff, went to a church cell group
meeting and received Jesus Christ!


My dear friends ... This is now a Christian orphanage! The door is now open for REAL love! Let's
show them love beyond their wildest dreams!!! We don't create our own kingdoms ... We take
His Kingdom to the world!

Thank you SO much for working and praying together with me.
With love, IN Jesus,
Ed Dickson (Dec 2005)

I was in an orphanage today and watched the director and her assistant jump...Actually jumo when we pulled up and pulled out some gifts. That was great but it was the story of one girl .....12 years old that as I said deepened my resolve(if it is possible to deepen) to give my life for the helpless and hopeless. The police when they got the report brought this sweet girl to the orphanage and asked the director if they could take her. It is well known that her mother traded her to a group of men for a bottle of vodka. You can only imagine the emotions that shot through my body...mind...and heart. C'mon!
It is time for the children of God to rise up...for the church to wake up...and for people to stand up! It is not a bottle of vodka that determines the worth of a child....It is Jesus coming to earth and dying that declares a childs worth.
Sam Welten P.I. (Jan 2006)

The last two weeks, Central Asia was graced to have Roger Pilon and Kelly Deschamps from Queensway Pentecostal Church in Espanola visit and minister in the Village Children's Home. They did a tremendous job of connecting with the kids and workers, fixing up a new shower room, providing 13 new bicycles (amazingly assembled from near scratch!) and treating everyone to a day at Lake Issk-yul. Everyone here enjoyed their presence immensely!
(Kelly working late in his mobile bike assembly shop)
Over the past year or so that I've been visiting the village orphanage I've noticed a huge change in the kids. When I first met them, they were mostly indifferent with anyone coming from outside. Gradually, they've become more and more friendly, smiling, shaking hands and giving hugs.
Emotionally, they are becoming much more open too. On Roger and Kelly's last day as they were saying goodbye, a majority of the kids were crying uncontrollably as they hugged their visitors for one last time. I've NEVER seen them this way before! As sad as the event was, I was so encouraged by what I saw in these kids and their development. The love of God IS changing them!
Mike M. (Sept 2006)


The other opportunity I will share with you another time.
Blessings John

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