Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Sad News

I just received the following e mail

Hello John and Julie!
sad news:
Lora's granny died just 1 hour ago.
Larisa said that yesterday she brought food to them
and everythink was ok.
Tanya (larisa daughter came to me now to participate
the youth seminar)
I also called to Sergey.

I will send to more later

My heart breaks for Laura. This lady took Laura in and gave her everything she could. This is the only family that Laura knows.
Please join with us in remembering this situation in prayer.

Pray for peace for Laura. and that she may lern to rely on her new faith for strength.
Pray for wisdom for our workers there as they help her.
Pray that the house be secure, and that Laura does not loose the house.
Pray for direction for Laura , and what God wants for her.

Thankyou God that you enabled us to do our part, and that we can know that her final days were in comfort in a clean warm house , with food in her stomic. Something she had not experienced in many years.

Blessings John

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