Thursday, October 01, 2020

Happy seniors day

I was so distracted with coal, and other health concerns in KG that I almost forgot about seniors day. Fortunately Vera and Oleg were on top of things and reminded us in time.  This year we decided to be more on the practical side and bring them food hampers as well .


Thank you Vera for remembering .  

I got a message from Tanya.  She had some kids come to her for help.  they said they were hungry. they have not been going to the dump to find food because of covid, so they have been going out to the farmers fields and looking for cucumbers and tomatoes they can eat, but this day they could not find any .    It reminded me that it was time to do another food drop in this area.  I was formulating in my head how I was going to ask for more money for this in light of just asking for and receiving $10 000 for food and coal  (which was gone as fast as it came in hahah)  Then I had a friend stop buy for a coffee.  After a nice visit, he got out a check book and wrote a check witch covers a few more food drops and another 23 ton load of coal. 

Today we are waiting for the next load of coal to arrive, so it was time to continue getting the farm ready for winter .. Today it was the tractor. Oil filter, air filter, oil and coolant changed .. All ready for the spring plowing. 

Here are a few more of the families receiving coal .   The requests for help have continued to come in so we will not be shutting down the coal deliveries any time soon. 

As we were out delivering coal and food, Sergey stopped in to see Auxana. 

As you can see she has been busy.  She has a mettle form that she makes these mud blocks and dries them in the sun.  A few years ago we helped to put a roof on a barn she had built herself, now she has a new room on her 2 room house. 

In this picture you can see white rags on the tops of the wall.  This is because if the rain gets on these blocks the will begin to erode very quickly.  She needs a roof on there before winter or she will loose the work she has put into this all summer.  She has not been able to get work to buy the materials for this.  She will need $350 for the roof. but if we could get that up to $500 we would be able to get her some windows as well.  

So in the middle of a massive coal and food drive, if I could be so bold, could we help with the roof.  If you would like to help, please use the donate now link on the top right side of the blog.  Thank you 

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