Thursday, October 29, 2020

Orphan Sunday

This Sunday Nov 8th is orphan Sunday ...  Will you be doing anything special for this day ? 
There is a group of friends in Bishkek (the capital city of Kyrgyzstan) that every year for orphan Sunday they take up a special offering for an orphanage in the mountains on the far side of Lake  Isykool.  This offering is a vital part of meeting needs going into the long cold winter.  This year, this group is facing huge unemployment and and many are sick and do not have enough food for their own families.  They have decided to go ahead with the offering anyways .. The leader from the group contacted me because he knows that we often support this orphanage , and thought that maybe this year we could partner with them buy spreading the word to see if any of you would be able to help as well.   We would love to be able to contact them next week and let them know that we have a huge blessing for them .. Can you imagine the impact we could make if we spoke to our churches and friends and made a special one time donation to "Orphan Sunday" 
It will bless their group.  It will bless the orphanage. It will bless us , Believe me when I tell you, that you will be blessed as well .   

On another note, more food and coal deliveries have continued on a daily basis 

I am becoming certain that these humanitarian aid drops as well as medical support will need to continue through the winter .. We are seeing a concerning trend.  Other NGO's and individuals who have their own group of people or individuals that they support have started contacting us.  As the needs are growing, their resources have diminished.  Some are state side and are facing their own financial crisis at this time. They are contacting us for help.  So far we have been blessed with the resources and or contacts to be able to help.  Please join with us in prayer that we can continue to meet needs as they are presented to us.   

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