Friday, October 09, 2020

Peace on The Farm

If you have been watching the news you well see that there is a state of emergency in Kyrgyzstan right now. It seems like every few hours there is a new government leader .. The banks have been closed and there are thousands rioting in the streets .. So lets not focus on that .. lets go visit the kids on the farm . 

Over at the cafe, the living room has been set up for kids to do their on line classes . 

Some are working in the fields and others are in the green house.  Things are doing well.  As the crops in the fields are finishing up the crops in the green house are coming on.

the big tall plants along the side in the green house are the sweet potatoes , and the smaller plants are the tomatoes and cucumbers that were just planted a few weeks age. 

Today they harvested some egg plant, tomatoes and peppers and brought them to the Red river orphanage .. I always love to see this . The two boys at the car are our newest boys on the farm, Both of them are from Red River Orphanage , and are now returning to bring food.  The boy on the right will be graduating out of the orphanage soon, and he will have some peace seeing our boys and knowing that there is a future for him out there ..Soon enough you may see him in the photos delivering food. 

Back at the farm with most of the coal deliveries finished , they are working at getting supplies for 250 emergency food deliveries in before the markets are forced to close again.

Our kids are blessed that they are in and safe , and most of all that they can be a blessing to others .. thank you all for making this possible .

So far we have had $600 come in towards the needs of our graduated kids that are out there and experiencing difficult times .. If you can help us with this goal of $5000 please use the link on the top right side of the blog .  


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