Thursday, October 15, 2020

Rivers of Light

 Coming out of a long hard winter, people were met with a world pandemic, shut downs, food shortages, and then the pandemic raging out of control, followed by a political crisis leaving the country and its people crippled and afraid of what the future holds .. Life can feel rather DARK. 

The message today is that there is LIGHT. Rivers of light flowing to those in the darkest places.  We are so blessed that we can be part of that Light, and sharing that gift of Light .  This was evident again today as the guys were out delivering more coal . 

There are so many this year that are in need of coal.  Many this will be the first time they have experienced the financial crisis , and others it is revisiting them yet again .

We were finished all our regular deliveries , then decided we should have another transport load of coal on hand so we ordered it last week .. It arrived today , and a good thing because we had so many more needing help .. Many are just realizing now that they are in a dark place .. Thanks to those of you who have supported the coal drive we were ready .

We have continued with the food deliveries as well .  We had a lady who came out from Bishkek looking for help .  She has 11 kids she ois looking after , some her own some foster and some adopted .. Now with things closed up again and supplies and funds running out, she heard we might be able to help and drove out to look for help.  She came to the church at the edge of town and asked there who it was that was helping and they contacted Vlad.  He was so thankful that he could respond right away and one more time bring a little light into a dark place. 

We have managed to keep one step ahead of all the needs that have come our way.   If you would like to help us, we will order more coal and food to be ready for the next wave of darkness that tries  to sweep the land .  

There is a statue in the center of Bishkek. erected after a previous revolution .. it serves as a reminder of the power of light against this darkness .

Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light

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