Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Where are they now ?

Like everywhere else, covid has hit many of our kids hard.   We have many kids that have grown up and are out on their own during this difficult time.  We have been keeping in touch with them and wanting to help were we can.  

I had the benefit of growing up with parents and grand parents that I could turn to when I would get into trouble .. That gave me the courage to take some chances and step out into new adventures.  Besides that support,  I never had to face a world wide economic shut down and I live in a country where there is some financial relief.  

Where are they now ? 

Baktagul is marries to Yasan and lives in Turkey .  Baktagul worked in a Pharmacy and with Yasan they had a small snack bar in a resort area .. Due to covid they had to close the business . 

Kamalla was working as a personal health coach. No longer safe to do in these times . 

Sibera is working for a law firm in the city and going to law school.  Things have been closed as much as they have been open, and having to quarantine before returning to the farm for visits makes it almost imposable .  
Aizada and her husband and two kids live in Tokmok. It has been difficult for her husband to earn enough to support them with the market shut down and restrictions 
Aiperi lives with her husband and two kids in Pakistan where she helps care for her father in law and her husband is a Dr. (not making the kind of money a Dr makes in North America)  with Covid he works long hours and is not home very much 

Beksoltan has just graduated from University. He focused on Travel and tourism .. right now there is neither. With his business plans on hold  He is now working as a taxi driver in Bishkek. 

Altynai and her husband Live in Dubi where they worked in the hotel industry .. another hard hit business.  They have been off work more then they have been on over the last 6 months. 

Sasha is married and they are expecting their first child in a couple weeks .  He is working as a laborer in a building supply shop in Tokmok.  Not many people have money to build there and not a lot of work. 

Roma is still couch surfing and appears occasionally at a youth center we have worked with when able.  

Jazgool is living in a small village in the mountains where she is raising her kids and a couple family members kids.  Her husband works as a Shepard.  She is probably the least hardest hit of our kids .. when you don't have much there is not much to loose.  

These are a few of our kids that have been on my mind these days.  They are all struggling.  We have been able to bless so many with food, coal and medical care since the pandemic started .  We would like to do something to be able to help them dig out of the financial crisis that they are in now. I know that some are getting desperate.  I would like to raise $5000 toward this need, and over the next week or so to get relief out to them.   

Please take a moment and consider how you might be able to help send a message of love and encouragement to them.  You can use the donate button on the top right side of the blog.  Thank you in advance.  

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