Sunday, October 04, 2020

Coming home

I sometimes forget that some of you are not on facebook, so may have missed the news .. 

In a couple weeks, Bekah and Azamat (Her husband, Jengish's brother and our friend) will be moving to Canada.  For over a year they have been working on the paperwork involved and now everything is set and the Landed Immigrant visa is in Azamats passport. 

This is going to be quite an adventure for them.  Bekah has spent half her life in Kyrgyzstan. and Azamat has dreamed of coming to Canada his whole life.  They are not yet sure where they will find jobs, a place to live and settle down , but for now , it will be in our little Covid Quarantine  corner of our home in Canada.

We were blessed to have friends lend us their larger trailer .  It has been winterized and I don't want to take the chance of the water freezing in it so it will be used as a bed room and living room, and our little trailer is all set up as a kitchen and bathroom for them.  

They will need to be in complete quarantine for the first 2 weeks that they are here. 

 Gramy Pamy  decided to stop driving but she has kept her car on the road so that they will have a car to drive as well. 

we are looking forward to their arrival.


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