Saturday, October 24, 2020

Blessed to be a blessing

Nurperi says hi and wanted to show us her kitty. 

We have been touching base with many of those that  have come through the farm and we have helped in the past.  We had some funds come in for us to be able to extend some help their way . 

Out in Balache we have sent coal and food to a couple of rehabilitation center's and to a private school that helps kids with disabilities. 

Also we have been getting prenatal vitamins out to some in need as well. 

Some of the people we have been helping are too far away for our guys to deliver coal to, or it is not safe , so we have sent them money buy Western Union and they have sourced the coal local and then sent us pictures to show the deliveries. 

Vlad was able to get a bit of financial and food help to Sasha and his wife.  They are expecting in a few weeks.  He is working in security right now.  It has been so hard for them with the lock downs and the economic crisis, and with the currency tanking and the availability,  the cost of food is going way up, so these deliveries have been so important. 

In the city we have been doing a food drop this week to families in need.  It has been such a blessing for them , and a blessing for us to be in a position to help.  

With every stop, we are hearing one thing in common .. "Thank you to everyone who is supporting so that you are able to be a blessing to us at this difficult time.  "


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