Wednesday, April 29, 2020

All that was accomplished today.

About 12 years ago our friends at Possibilities International were starting something they called   "simple dreams" ..  The idea being that to bring hope and dignity to someones life does not always have to be the philanthropic adventures of the rich and famous , but hope can be found in the small things if done right, and can be funded by the every day person.   When discussing this with us on one of Sams visits , my daughter and her friend Kamala said "thats an easy one, we know lots of students and poor families that $15 worth of groceries  could make a world of difference to."  Sam said your on and put $300 on the table .  

This turned out to be a lot more work then you would think. Doing the shopping for 20 people, packing bags and then finding the homes to deliver the bags. Needless to say it did not happen over night .  

Bekah and Kamalla out on deliveries 

That fall Sam was coming back with a team, and we decided to get the team in on it.  At the time the show the amazing Race was popular, so we called ours "the Amazin Grace "  the team would be divided into groups of 4 with a driver and a translator .  Each team has to pack and deliver 12 bags .  of course we add in road blocks and detours ..  
This has been a main stay with all our teams in the years since .  In fact If not for the shut down we would have been delivering bags tomorrow with our friend Dave . Its on of his favorite days. 

Dave & his son bringing food to a family 

It really is a lot of work , and is a lot of money .  This is the type of thing that we are able to do with teams that we don't always have the time or the funds to do on our own . 

teams from Minnesota and Nova Scotia packing and delivering more bags 

One of my concerns this spring with the lock down is that it is the teams that cover the majority of our humanitarian aid budget .   Groups like Thunder-bay that would have been delivering food last week if they had been there, sent the finances anyways .   

Today began one of the largest Humanitarian aid drops  we have ever done, during on of the greatest humanitarian aid crisis this world has faced.   The needs are not just in Kyrgyzstan but everywhere .. I think of my friends working in  Malawi and Haiti and Guatemala, even those working right in my home town.  The needs are so great everywhere , yet in just 4 days many of you both here and there, stepped up to sponsor back and deliver 250 food hampers . 

Friends in Tokmok packing 250 food hampers 

this van load is heading for Kant and Bishkek 

 Knowing the work and the organization required to pack and deliver 25 bags , I am overwhelmed when I think of what was accomplished today .   

The days ended for Vlad back out at the farm where he brought food hampers for some of our farm neighbors.   Good night my friends. 

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