Sunday, April 19, 2020

Give us this day our daily bread .

As you know, we have been working with several different friends to support them in providing food supplies to those in need.  Kyrgyzstan has always been a close to the wire country when it comes to daily food supply .   Many people work, get paid and then buy food on the way home .. If they don't work they don't eat.  Now ad in quarantine and not working .. no food stores and no way to earn money for food .   a few weeks ago we were able to bring about a months supply of basic needs to about 300 families.  It was with the help of many volunteers that this was possible . 

One of those volunteers has really stepped up in a big way . he and some his other volunteers have started baking bread and delivering it every day.  They make one full bag of flour (about $40) and this will make 350 loaves of bread .  

They had a donation of 15 bags of flour. so they have about 7 bags left.  

We have offered to provide the yeast for now, and I have committed to the next 10 bags when those are finished . 

Here in North America many in Canada and the US have just gotten their stimulus or support cheques/checks  from the government.  Can you imagine if you had nothing, and the only support you received was one loaf of bread . 

We know that the food hampers we sent out in the first wave will be almost gone by now, so we are preparing for the second wave of deliveries .  In a couple weeks I would like to send about $3000 so that we can not only provide a food hamper for 300 people, but we will be able to meet our commitment for at least 10 days of bread deliveries . 


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